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We know that when it comes to water lines – they are the pure lifeline of any property. This applies to bringing in fresh domestic water or supplying non-potable water. The smooth operation and maintenance of these systems in your home or business is essential for everyday life.

A1 Emergency Plumbing Services

We at A1 Emergency Plumbing have a team of all-purpose plumbers, capable of performing a wide selection of plumbing services – big or small! We are known to tackle jobs many won’t – our fame to name has come to fixing plumbing problems others won’t touch.

Comprehensive Water Line Solutions

Understanding the Aging Plumbing

We know the history of Toronto and the GTA – our Plumbing has aged and will only continue to do so. With this comes many problems, that a lot of new homeowners or businesses are not prepared to handle. We’re capable of analyzing and assessing your property, providing you with detailed and educated information on options available for maintenance and keeping your water lines in optimal working condition. This ensures longevity and reliability not only with your home’s plumbing but your mental health. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new property or upgrading your existing property, we can ensure a seamless flow.

Repairing Water Lines

It can be a minor leak or a major leak, we are fully equipped to tackle any water line issue. We are skilled and equipped to repair any type of pipe – this can be lead, copper, steel, iron, corrugated iron, pex (a, b or c) as well as replacement of Kitek (which is no longer insured and must be removed). We can replace any sized water lines ½”, ¾ “, 1 ½”, 1 ¼”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, and up!

Replacing Old Water Lines

When it comes time to renovate, we recommend removing all the old plumbing and installing new plumbing. This is especially essential when it comes to the water lines in your home or business. If you’re looking to remove old lead piping (which is highly recommended) or removing old, galvanized piping in your home – we are fully equipped to transition any type of piping to copper or pex.

Burst Water Lines

We know the winter weather can be treacherous in the GTA and Toronto. This is why our team is available 24/7 for any water leak emergencies. A burst water line can happen at any moment – most common in the winter when temperatures drop below freezing. A burst water line can also occur during warm summer weather – causing a plumbing emergency. This can occur from an old pipe – usually 40 years or greater in age – due to turbulence in the lines or simple copper corrosion over time. Depending on the area you live in, your water can be hard or soft. The minerals in the water line coming from the city can have a big impact on the water pipes in your home. Harder water would indicate a need for a water softener – this will help clear the water, improving not only the quality of your water lines but the quality of your skin.