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We can imagine you’re tired of having to deal with intermittently clogged drains in your home or a full-on main drain blockage. Having a blocked drain can cause a myriad of issues, not just financially but emotionally! Have no fear, for we have a modern solution that separates us from the rest, Hydro Flushing. Clogged drains are perhaps some of the most common calls that we receive at A1 Emergency Plumbing.

We’ve been proudly serving the GTA and Toronto areas for over 30 years. A1 Emergency Plumbing we offer top-tier hydro flushing services that can handle and tackle both residential and commercial drain issues.

What is Hydro Flushing?

When we talk about hydro flushing, which is also known as water jetting, hydro jetting and drain pressure washing – we refer to a method of drain cleaning using high-pressure water with specific machine heads that direct and manage water flow for optimal drain cleaning. This process cleanses the inner walls of the piping – cutting away roots that may have compromised the drain, pushing away grease and muck as well as dirt/rock built in the drain. 

Proudly serving GTA and Toronto

Our machines are modular – in the sense that we can move our equipment from various locations and are not confined to being stuck to a truck. There are companies that offer similar services but are limited to hydro flushing at ground level or out in the open.

We specialize in residential and commercial hydro flushing services. This applies to working in residential homes, clearing main drains in your basement or outside of your home. We also work on commercial buildings and high-rise apartments. Hydro flushing main drain stacks like kitchen, laundry and bathroom as well as horizontal and vertical drains runs from your property out to the city.

Why pick hydro flushing over regular drain snaking?

Versatility: With our various head sizes and water lines lengths, we can tackle any drains from residential to commercial. This means we can clear a kitchen drain that is blocked, a toilet drain that may have blocked or as big as a main drain for a building that has clogged. Our various heads for our hydro flushing equipment can tackle bad guys in the drains from grease, dirt, oil, pebbles, rocks, sand as well as the conventional muck that is flushed down a toilet. 

Deep Clean: Unlike the conventional snake, which can break apart a blockage and clear a drain – hydro flushing gives us the option to clean the entire diameter of the pipe – making sure that all the sides have been cleaned of dirt, oil or muck. One of the issues with drains is that gunk will eventually stick to the sides of the interior pipe. As a result, paper flushed down the toilet can eventually collect on the sides of the interior pipe and cause a potential blockage. When we hydro flush a drain, we can effectively clear the interior and ensure a smooth flow of water. 

Longevity of Pipe Life: Year or by-yearly maintenance can drastically improve the lifespan of a drainpipe. Like maintaining your vehicle – with regular checkups to the mechanic, your building drains do need to be maintained just the same.

Conclusion: If you’re in the GTA or Toronto, we can make a blocked drain a thing of the past. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly (environmentally friendly) , reliable and efficient solution – just call as at A1 Emergency Plumbing and we’ll show you the hydro-flushing difference.