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Sewer Camera Inspection System

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In our old, aged city of Toronto and our surrounding cities in the GTA, we know a Plumbing issue can happen at any given moment – especially a drain blockage or backup. These issues typically come with other problems, like extensive property damage or repair costs (on top of fees associated to plumbing repairs). This is why we recommend maintaining your system to spot any potential problems before they escalate.

Sewer Camera Inspections

This is where our sewer camera inspections come in – this is a modern and non-invasive solution to viewing the interior of your drainage system. This will help diagnose any potential drain problems to prevent any plumbing catastrophes from occurring. At A1 Emergency Plumbing, we’re equipped to inspect and trace 200 feet+ of drainage from one accessible drainage point.

What is a sewer camera inspection – pipe inspection camera (CCTV Drain Camera)

A Sewer Inspection Camera, sometimes also referred to as a Pipe Inspection Camera or a CCTV Drain Camera – is a specialized camera attached to a flexible rod/shaft that is inserted into a drain. This flexible rod, which sits on a roll – can be pushed through the drainage for inspection. The camera roll is connected to a monitor – this screen shows you a real-time drain camera view of what is happening in the drainage. This allows us to monitor and determine sources of issues in the drainage – identifying cracks, blockages, drain separations, or any points of interest that could be out of sight.

Drain Maintenance

Just like you’ll go to your family doctor once a year for a checkup – your home or business needs the exact same care as you do. You must remember; your home or business is also a working machine that needs to be maintained. Just like we shouldn’t be eating excess sugars and food, as this can clog our arteries – your home is the exact same. We shouldn’t be flushing things that don’t belong in the toilet or pouring food down the kitchen drain. These can clog your home’s arteries and cause a potential blockage or major damage. This is why it’s important to inspect your drainage with a camera. We can check the interior heart of the home and its veins, to pinpoint any future chances of a blockage or issue. We can then provide a detailed solution/report as to how to maintain the drain or solutions to fix the problem.

Early Detection

Checking your drains on a yearly basis will help determine any potential small issues that can turn into major plumbing problems.

Ease of Mind

Just like your mindset is after hearing everything went well at the family doctor – we can check the heart and arteries of your home to determine the structure is in good condition.

Expert Reporting and Analysis

Our reporting is very detailed – when inspecting your drainage, we are also able to trace the exact location of the piping. This gives us the opportunity to determine the exact depth of your drain and location on your property. The benefit of this is that in the event of a collapsed drain, we can pinpoint the exact location and begin to tackle the job. Otherwise, more damage than necessary would be done to a property to dig and find the compromised drainage. This feature is also excellent in determining if a drainage issue is on your property or on the city property. In the event of a drain blockage or collapse – there are times this occurs on the city property, which in turn becomes an issue the city must resolve. We can come and determine the location of a drain problem, the exact location of your property and provide a detailed report you can provide to a city if necessary.


If you’re in Toronto or the GTA, calling us at A1 Emergency Plumbing will leave you with not just a piece of mind, but with the mentality that we can ensure the safety and longevity of your pipes. Just remember, don’t sit and wait for the plumbing emergency to happen, schedule your yearly inspection and sleep easy.