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Clogged Pipes

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The one good thing about a clogged pipe is that you have time to prevent an even bigger problem. Symptoms of a clogged pipe allow you the opportunity to nip a problem in the bud before it becomes a costly repair. Untreated clogged pipes can cause long-term problems like leaks, corrosion and in the worst-case scenario, floods, all of which lead to even more costly repairs. Clogged pipes can be avoided with proper preventative measures and care.

Are My Pipes Clogged?

Are you wondering what the signs are of clogged pipes and clogged drains? Emergency Plumbing can offer you quick assessments and repair of any clogged pipes or clogged drains.

  • Standing water around drains like in your sink or tubs
  • Toilet won’t flush or strange flushing behaviour – gurgling, slow to drain etc.
  • Slow draining water in your sinks or tubs

How to Unblock Clogged Pipes

  • Use a plunger to push or break up the clog in a single-sink unit
  • For a double sink, make sure to stop one sink and plunge the other. Use a cloth, the stopper or some other method to stop the sink.
  • Use boiling water to break up a clog
  • Use baking soda and vinegar followed by boiling water to wash it out

Why Are My Pipes Clogged? What Causes Clogged Water Pipes?

The most common reason pipes get clogged is because of the accumulation of discarded waste. Check out our Tips, Hints & DIY for more information. Biggest offenders are

  • Hair – this accumulate around other substances and objects to form clog
  • Soap – Soap combines with minerals in the water to leave behind a hard residue, soap scum that creates our clogged pipe scenarios
  • Dirt – Dirt can hang around in a U or P-bend for a long time. Try and shake off dirty clothes or shoes outside.
  • Food waste – some foods don’t break down and therefore cause clogs

Can Clogged Pipes Cause Leaks?

Most of the time clogged pipes won’t cause leaks. However, perpetually clogged pipes can become corroded and that can eventually lead to a leak. Also, there can be secondary results of a clogged pipe, like standing water, that can eventually cause leaks.