Emergency Plumbing


“Dear Mr. Holmes, Like you I write for the Globe, but on science. I’m also a North York Suburbanite who’s just had an en-suite renovation.

You must get foam-at-mouth letters from people with horror stories. Mine was the opposite: My contractor’s a gem. He’s a smart, quiet Romanian who’s dead honest and whose work is like a Swiss watch. He gave me a turnkey price on the renovation and when I said I’d get the hardware he shrugged and said, ‘My quote stands. Just deduct what you pay from the total.’ How, I asked him, did he know I wouldn’t buy gold-plated everything and leave him with $1.98? Shrug. ‘I trust you.’

He and his crew were here every day, all day, from start to finish. When his window sub was late and then left the job half-done, he worked all weekend to clean it up before the painters arrived. When I asked if he had any ideas for a baseboard, he nodded and said nothing; I arrived home that night to find he’d cut and installed floor tiles around the circumference of the room to a height of 4″, exactly matching the shower base. The tile work was done to fractions of a millimetre and the whole effect is fabulous.

His name’s Dumitru Paraschiv, his firm is Emergency Plumbing, and he’s at 647-402-7382.

Best regards
Bill Atkinson

PS. Love your common sense and technical knowledge – I worked for the National Research Council’s Division of Building Research and boy, have you got the fundamentals right!”


“Thanks so much for your quick response. Not only did you find the problem and get it fixed on the spot, but you’ve also saved me thousands of dollars in repairs that might have resulted in damage to the entire piping system. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends and family.”


“Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for a superb job. You were recommended as someone we could trust to do our entire renovation from A to Z, and we certainly weren’t disappointed at any point from rough-in to finishing. Even better, the inspector gave us the thumbs up on the spot. I couldn’t be more pleased. Many, many thanks!”


“I have been working with Emergency Plumbing for seven years and can recommend them highly for quality commercial work, from roughing in to finishing. Absolutely top notch.”