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In our world of Plumbing, the Sump Pump is the first line of defense against the disasters that come with water flooding your home and basement. They play a crucial role in keeping your property/valuables safe from water damage – especially in the GTA and Toronto. There are specific areas with higher-than-average water tables, this mixed with heavy rains and winter ice/snow – is asking for trouble. Once the temperature rises and ice/snow thawing happens, it can bring about sudden water accumulation and potential flooding.

What is a Sump Pump?

The sump pump was designed to move water from the lowest point in your home to the outside. The sump pump acts in partnership with a sump pit or a sump basin. Depending on the water table level in your home – as well as the location/position of the home in respect to the flow of water from heavy rain falls, the size of the sump pit can vary. 

The sump pump is placed inside the pit or basin – usually in sequence with a float and alarm system – when the water level in the basin reaches a specific level, the pump will be triggered and the water in the basin will be discharged outside the home. 

When heavy rain hits, you immediately think of your roof and windows, but the real frontline defender against flooding is always forgotten: the glorious sump pump. Nestled in your basement (usually in a corner), this unsung hero guards against water damage and the unwelcome disruptions that come with a flooded basement. 

The Benefits of a Sump Pump and why they are essential.

Floor Prevention:

To begin, Sump Pumps prevent flooding. When heavy rains occur, overflowing of water or infiltration from your basement walls happens – the sump pump and sump pit collect the water and discharge it outside of the home. Foundation water is collected by corrugated drainage around the home and at times in the basement, this water is redirected to your basin which is redirected away from the home.

Protection the structural foundation:

Foundation water under the basement and around the home can compromise the home’s structural integrity if not controlled. The constant water pressure (hydrostatic pressure) will cause cracks and lifting of concrete floor in the basement. What occurs most often in the GTA and Toronto is that we’ll incur heavy rainfall, followed by a flash freezing. As a result, the water accumulates under the foundation and around the home will begin to freeze and expand. As a result, whatever is around the ice will be pushed. This is why it is of utmost importance, foundation water is controlled and directed to a sump pit that can be discharged away from the home. 

Emergency Contingency Plan:

What would happen if a water line in your home was to burst or a fixture overflowed due to forgetfulness – basically any plumbing fixture failure or unexpected leaks, the sump pump would serve as a contingency plan. Collecting the leaking water and redirecting it away from your home until the issue can be resolved.

Our Sump Pump Experience:

Professional Installation: Our Plumbers are all well versed in all types of sump pumps. It doesn’t matter if you’re installing a new sump pump unit or if you’re wanting to replace an old sump pump. We can ensure a seamless and professional installation!

Regular Maintenance: A sump pump does require maintenance, like any mechanical machine with moving parts – to ensure life longevity, we recommend having the unit inspected every so often (depended on your water table level and how often the sump pump is activated). Our checks include cleaning the pit, testing the sump pump and if panels or floats are installed – they will be checked and tested.

24/7 Emergency Service: We offer around the clock service – we understand the importance of maintaining your building infrastructure and our job is to assist in mitigating water infiltration in the event of a pump failure. 

If you hear the pump alarms ringing, just give A1 Emergency Plumbing a call!