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Premium Drain Cleaning Services in the GTA and Toronto: Over 30 years and counting!

No matter the home or business – every single property has been faced with dealing with a blocked drain, collapsed drain or an overall compromised drain in one way or another. This turns into more than just a daily nuisance; it will turn into greater plumbing issues if not addressed in a timely manner – like any other issues we may face in life.

This is where we come in, with over 30 years of trusted plumbing services under our belts – A1 Emergency Plumbing should be your go-to experts for drain cleaning services.

Fully Equipped for all Challenges: We have you covered in equipment – no matter the type of drain, the location of the drain or the size of the drain – we can tackle any drainage job brought forth. Residential drainage from kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms to Commercial drains like high-rise buildings, factories, warehouses and restaurants. 

Over 3 Decades of Experience: You must imagine, over the span of 30 years – we’ve been able to tackle and resolve every type of drainage issue imaginable.

24/7 Available throughout the year: Unlike a conventional 9-5, drain issues don’t always occur during regular business hours. It can be 3am or 3pm, our team will be ready to assist you with any drain cleaning services required.

Why it’s important for Professional Drain Cleaning

Thorough Cleaning (Deep Drain Cleaning): We are fully equipped to snake any drains – regardless of size or material as well as equipped to Hydro Flush any drain big or small. With our sectional snaking equipment, we’re able to snake over 200 feet from one location. We are equipped with every type of snake head available, to break down or remove debris in the drain. This can range from having a drain blockage due to roots, heavy oil builds up, sand and gravel from construction or dirt from a separated drainpipe. 

We are equipped with every sized snake available on the market, with the ability to tackle small drains for kitchens to main drains from your home out to the city. Our large 1” sectional snakes can tackle and clear blockages in high-rise buildings, main vertical and horizontal drain stacks or storm drainage lines.

In combination with our snaking equipment – the hydro flushing capabilities of cleaning a drain work hand in hand with a snake. Our equipment can clear the sides of a drain, pushing out and breaking down any excess gunk broken down by the snake. In the event a snake is not able to retrieve matter that is stuck in the drain – our hydro flushing equipment can push the debris out to the city.

Pipe Longevity: Regular drain cleaning maintenance can 100% increase the lifespan of your pipes. Your home is like your body – we take ourselves to a family doctor for regular checkups once a year, this is to ensure our pipes and system are functioning correctly. 

The same idea is applied to your home – the pipes and drains that you do not see need to be inspected at least once a year – to ensure there are no minor issues that can potentially turn into a major plumbing problem.

Conclusion: Prior to beginning any work, we at A1 Emergency Plumbing will begin with a comprehensive inspection of your plumbing systems. This will give us the opportunity to write a detailed quote that outlines the best solutions for your home or business. Most importantly, our services are backed by our want to ensure that your drains are cleaned right the first time.