Emergency Plumbing

Sump Pump Installations, Replacements, and Repairs

In our world of Plumbing, the Sump Pump is the first line of defense against the disasters that come with water flooding your home and basement. They play a crucial role in keeping your property/valuables safe from water damage – especially in the GTA and Toronto. There are specific areas with higher-than-average water tables, this […]

Water Lines – Water Services

We know that when it comes to water lines – they are the pure lifeline of any property. This applies to bringing in fresh domestic water or supplying non-potable water. The smooth operation and maintenance of these systems in your home or business is essential for everyday life. A1 Emergency Plumbing Services We at A1 […]

Frozen Pipes and Burst Water Lines

Winter in the GTA/Toronto can be both beautiful and challenging. While the snow-covered landscapes create a picturesque setting, the plummeting temperatures pose numerous problems, especially when it comes to plumbing. Understanding why freezing water lines a significant concern during the winter season can be essential.  Living in Canada, we know our temperatures can fluctuate from […]

Drain Cleaning Services

Premium Drain Cleaning Services in the GTA and Toronto: Over 30 years and counting! No matter the home or business – every single property has been faced with dealing with a blocked drain, collapsed drain or an overall compromised drain in one way or another. This turns into more than just a daily nuisance; it […]

Collapsed Drain – Separated Drains and Compromised Drains

We know you don’t want to hear it but collapsed drains are a common occurrence in the GTA and Toronto. We have an aging infrastructure comprising of collapsed drains, separated drains and old broken clay drains that have soil/root infiltration. Among the most common plumbing issues in the city – is the use of clay […]

Hydroflushing, Powerflushing, Deep Cleaning Hydroscrubbing Services

We can imagine you’re tired of having to deal with intermittently clogged drains in your home or a full-on main drain blockage. Having a blocked drain can cause a myriad of issues, not just financially but emotionally! Have no fear, for we have a modern solution that separates us from the rest, Hydro Flushing. Clogged […]

Sewer Camera Inspection System

In our old, aged city of Toronto and our surrounding cities in the GTA, we know a Plumbing issue can happen at any given moment – especially a drain blockage or backup. These issues typically come with other problems, like extensive property damage or repair costs (on top of fees associated to plumbing repairs). This […]

Blocked Toilet

How Do I Know My Toilet Is Blocked? If you flush your toilet and the water rises to the rim or overflows, you’ve got a clog or blocked toilet. Why Is My Toilet Blocked? The most common reasons are objects blocking either the trap, plumbing vent is blocked, or there are main sewer line problems. […]

Clogged Pipes

The one good thing about a clogged pipe is that you have time to prevent an even bigger problem. Symptoms of a clogged pipe allow you the opportunity to nip a problem in the bud before it becomes a costly repair. Untreated clogged pipes can cause long-term problems like leaks, corrosion and in the worst-case […]

Drain Backup

How Can I Tell If I Have A Sewer Backup? There are lots of warning signs for a sewer backup or a drain backup. Gurgling sounds coming from your toilets or sinks. A foul odour from your drains, particularly basement drains. Water is draining slowly. A drain backup can be significant of many problems. Call […]